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Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese Calligraphy is called Shodo. It is artistic writing of the Japanese language. You will write your favourite word and your name in Japanese with brush and ink.


We will give you a small lecture on how to use calligraphy tools and how to write Japanese words with those tools. 

Tea ceremony 

Chado, way of tea is one of the Japanese cultural traditions. It is to serve green tea to guests in a traditional manner. It is not just making green tea. It also has various aspects. Therefore, Chado is a so-called a comprehensive art.

We will explain about tea ceremony and you will then learn how to behave yourself as a guest by drinking and how to make Matcha (green tea).


Hand Painted Yuzen Dyeing Experience

Kyo Yuzen is one of the Japanse traditional dyeing technique. 

You will use the Kyo Yuzen sketch technique to illustrate a pattern on a 100% dyed silk stole. Several colors will be layered on top of each other making for a colorful design, soft feel and high-quality texture. Why not try making a one-of-a-kind original stole using this traditional Japanese method.

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