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  Japanese Calligraphy   
Hand  Painted Yuzen Dyeing Experience
Advanced online booking  (at least 3 weeks before)  is necessary

Kyo Yuzen is one of the Japanese traditional dyeing technique. You will use the Kyo Yuzen sketch technique to illustrate a pattern on a 100% dyed silk stole. Several colors will be layered on top of each other making for a colorful design, soft feel and high-quality texture. Why not try making a one-of-a-kind original stole using this traditional Japanese method.


The instructor has been recognized from among the artisans engaged in creating traditional crafts, as designated by METI (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry), as a “Traditional Craftsman” because of her commitment to maintaining a high level of quality. She will carefully explain the process in simple terms so that even the beginner can understand.


 Painting a pattern on a stole

(It is possible to bring the finished stole home the same day)



Approximately 4 hours



Adult : 33,000 yen (tax included) per 1 person

Number of people

From two to four persons


Traditional Craftsman, Arisa Tomikawa (Hand Painted Kyo Yuzen)



 If dye spills on your clothing it can be very difficult to remove so we

recommend wearing clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Lesson Contents

  1. Explanation (approx. 15 min.)

  2. Choose the cloth, pattern and colors for the stole (approx.30 min.)

  3. Practice painting (approx. 20 min.)

  4. Painting the stole (approx. 2 and a half hours)

  5. Finishing (approx. 25 min.)

A Detailed Explanation

The instructor will provide a stole that has already been dyed. There will about 20 different stoles of varying colors and sizes to choose from. Some will have a pattern and others will be one color. You will choose one from among them. If you have specific requests regarding color, you may make a request beforehand.


There are two methods for creating a design. You may either paint it using a brush or use a pattern. If you use a brush, you can create any design that you like or trace a design that the instructor has prepared. For patterns, there will be several stencils available to choose from. Both the hand painted and pattern method will be explained by the instructor. You are free to choose the method you prefer to design your stole.


Once you have chosen the cloth, design and color, you will practice painting on a white piece of cloth. The instructor will prepare the dye. Tell the instructor your preference of color and light and shade.


After practicing you will be ready for the actual project. The instructor will be on hand at all times to help out if needed. If you have any questions or need advice, don’t hesitate to ask.


After you are finished painting, use an iron to stabilize the paint and you are finished.

Profile of the Instructor

Arisa Tomikawa Traditional Craftsman ( Hand Painted Kyo Yuzen )


Tomikawa set up an atelier for Hand Painted Kyo Yuzen and named it “Arisa”.

She used the traditional methods of batik dyeing, Itome (thread) yuzen and

sketching to create kimonos and obis in a fresh new way. She creates each

work from scratch through a process of dialoging with the customer. Each

silk stole and piece of Japanese accessory is hand made.



Tomikawa entered the world of dyeing largely due to the influence of her grandfather, Dangisho Eiji, who was a Kaga Yuzen artisan. He was awarded the fifth class Order of the Sacred Treasure and served as a judge for the Nitten art exhibition.



Tomikawa was contracted by a Ichimatsu puppeteer to create the costumes for the puppets. The puppets were subsequently exhibited in the Osaka Historical Museum and the Cheney Cowles Museum in Washington State.



Her kimono exhibited at the Shozui Artist Association Exhibit was awarded the Osaka City Bureau of Education award.



One of her works exhibited at the Hand Painted Kyo Yuzen Exhibit was awarded the Miyako Messei award at the Kyoto City Kangyokan.



Her kimono won an award at the Shozui Artist Association Exhibit.



Her kimono exhibited at the Hand Painted Kyo Yuzen Exhibit was awarded the KBS (TV) Kyoto award.



Certified Traditional Craftsman (Hand Painted Kyo Yuzen)

Member of Kyo Yuzen Cooperative Federation of Traditional Craftsmen

Her kimono won the Kyoto Fabric Wholesale Cooperative award



Exhibited at the Traditional Craft Aoyama Square “First Generation Women’s Traditional Craftsmen’s Exhibit”.



A Kyo Yuzen Exhibit won the Kyoto Fabric Wholesale Cooperative award

Tomikawa has many other exhibits and has won several other awards.

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