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Guest House

Staying like a local 

Our guesthouse is located in the old town called Nara-machi. There used to be many  traditional wooden townhouses known as Machiya. Some of them are still preserved. Our guesthouse is one of them. We believe Machiya is a valuable historic building and it should be preserved as a cultural heritage for future generations. So we restored Machiya while keeping the original structure in order to provide you with a traditional Japanese experience with local atmosphere.

We hope you have a precious time in this cozy Japanese townhouse and your stay will be a memorable one.



This house is for only private use and has only one floor with Japanese style room​, shower room, washroom, sink and internal garden. Japanese style room provides you with a view of Japanese style small garden. 

There are a sink and some cooking facilities such as microwave, toaster, electric pot and refrigerator to prepare simple breakfasts. However this house is not equipped with gas stove for fire safety reason. There are many good local restaurants in this area so we will be happy to assist you in making a restaurant



Capacity           4 people

Rooms              33m² with 1 Japanese room, shower room (no bathtub) , washroom, sink

Facilities           Free wifi, AC, Microwave, Toaster, Electric pot, Refrigerator, Hair dryer, Dishes, Cutlery

Amenities        Body soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Towels, Toothbrush, Tooth paste, Coffee, Black tea, Green tea


Name                  NARAigoto EENA HOUSE 

Type                    Guest House (Private use only)

Check-in              3 pm - 7 pm

Check-out           11am

Smoking             No smoking is allowed on the premises.

Parking               There is no parking space.

Pet                       No pet is allowed.

Shops                  Convenience store within 1 min-walk

                             Super market within 7 min-walk

                             Three bakery shops in this area

                             Two Sento (public bath) in this area

Restaurants        There are various kinds of restaurant and cafe in this area.


This house is located in the historic area called Nara machi and close to Nara park. 

By bus: Take Nara city loop line bus from JR or Kintetsu Nara sta.

               Get off at Tanaka-cho bus stop(N-13) . It’s 1 min-walk.

By walk: Aprox. 20 min-walk from Kintetsu Nara Sta.

                Aprox. 30min-walk from JR Nara Sta.

Tourism spots

Following places are within walking distance.

Todai-ji Temple, Kofuku-ji Temple, Gango-ji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Isuien Garden

Nara Park, Wakakusa-yama mountain, Kasugayama Primeval Forest

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