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Access from Kansai International Airport

By train: Aprox. 90mins from Kansai International Airport to JR Nara sta.

                  Take Nankai Airport Line for Namba and get off at Shin-Imamiya,

                  change JR Yamatoji Line for Nara or Kamo and get off Nara sta.

                  It costs 1,500 JPY.

By bus: Aprox. 90mins from Kansai International Airport to JR / Kintetsu Nara sta.

                           It costs 2,100 JPY.

Access from Kyoto

By train: Aprox. 45mins from Kintetsu Kyoto sta. to Kintetsu Nara sta. It costs 640 JPY.

                Aprox. 50mins from JR Kyoto sta. to JR Nara sta.  It costs 720 JPY.


Access from Osaka

By train: Aprox. 50mins from JR Osaka sta. to JR Nara sta. It costs 810 JPY.

                Aprox. 45mins from JR Namba sta. to JR Nara sta. It costs 730 JPY.




Access from JR / Kintetsu Nara sta.

By bus: Take Nara city loop line bus from JR or Kintetsu Nara sta.

               Get off at Tanaka-cho bus stop(N-13) . It’s 1 min-walk.

By walk: Approx. 20 min-walk from Kintetsu Nara Sta.

               Approx. 30 min-walk from JR Nara Sta.

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