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  Japanese Calligraphy   
Advanced online booking  (at least 3 days before)  is necessary

Japanese Calligraphy is called Shodo. It is artistic writing of the Japanese language. You will write your favourite word and your name in Japanese with brush and ink.

You can enjoy Japanese Calligraphy experience. We will give you a small lecture on how to use calligraphy tools and how to write Japanese words with those tools.Your Calligraphy lesson will be in a traditional Japanese tatami room where you can enjoy a view of a Japanese garden.


After you complete it, you can take it home in a frame. It must be a memorable souvenir for you. 

Lesson Contents

5 minutes : Explanation about calligraphy

50 minutes : Calligraphy Lesson

5 minutes : Finishing


1 hour

Number of people

From two to four persons


Please take note that ink may spill on your clothes, so be careful.

Lesson fee

Adult & Children 13 above: 4,400 yen (tax included) per 1 person

Cancel charges

On the previous day : 50%

On the same day : 100%

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